Dear Coquette,

My dad is an idiot. He has three kids, and one stepkid who is significantly younger (comes with marrying someone 10 years your junior). He makes upwards of $300,000 a year. Now I’m living in poverty. I just graduated college and I am $70,000 in debt right off the bat because he…

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The seed of TEDxYouth@SanDiego sprouted in early 2011 when Canyon Crest Academy teacher Christopher Black came up with an ambitious but attainable goal: to host a TEDxYouthDay event in Canyon Crest’s very own high school theater. Over the course of the year, students and teachers…


Hundreds of talks from independently organized TEDx events around the world are published on the TEDxTalks website weekly.

Each Tuesday, we’ll choose four of our favorites, highlighting just a few of the enlightening talks from TEDx community, and its diverse constellation of ideas worth…



As students, most of us are used to learning in an enclosed environment — in a school where a seemingly infinite amount of assignments, tests, and exams drive you crazy to the point of burnout, leading you to want to spend all of your time relaxing.

But on Saturday, November 20 —



I just released Mapnificent for 17 cities in the US and some other cities world wide (before Mapnificent was only available for Berlin and somehow for London night buses). You can watch a short video about what Mapnificent is and what it can do here. This post will explain how Mapnificent…


Why work here?

Because at RecoEngine we bridge people and technology.

Because you want to stop feeling like you are spinning life’s wheels.

Because you want to work at a company that stands for something.

Because your values as a person are no longer aligned with the company you work…


To wrap up an incredible 2011, we’re bringing you one last release. Just in time for the holidays, these new features will make your Pulse experience more enjoyable with improved browsing and discoverability. There is a lot packed in this release, so let’s get started:

Completely Redesigned…

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Shop owner, music lover, poster collector, and 60s mod aficionado. Chrissy Jensen took some time out of a business holiday season at her shop Domestica to share how her business got started and what and why she pins.


Chrissy’s shop Domestica in Des…

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Way back in August we got the chance to meet-up with hundreds of pinners in the SF/Bay Area. One of the most enthusiastic groups we got a chance to talk to was a “delegation” of happy pinners from Chronicle Books. As soon as we started chatting with Kate, Kristen, and Guinevere,…

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Pinteresting Trend: Saturated Geometric Patterns



1. Matt W. Moore “Crystals & Lasers” exhibition; pinned by Little Bird Big Chip onto I Like Stuff

2. Cappellini Proust Geometrica armchair; pinned by Ian onto Inside

3. Howkapow mug designed by Matt Keers via MAIYA; pinned by Leila onto The Home

4. Paper garland by Weekday Carnival; pinned by Irina onto Party Perfect

5. Sarah Applebaum installation; pinned by Sage onto Art

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